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Jane was born and brought up in North Wales. She graduated from Birmingham University & Ecole de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, Paris.

She has been a professional physical theatre practitioner since 1987, working in the U.K. and abroad. Jane co-founded Midland United Artists along with Lesley Moss and Claire Russ in 1989, exploring movement and visual performance.

She then continued to work with Lesley Moss from 1989-91, finally then setting up her own work in 1991, creating and performing visual, physical theatre.

In 1998/9 the company found a new direction inspired by work in France with Joel Dragutin, Theatre 95, Cergy-Pontoise, and John Rudlin, Centre Selavy ... and found their name Metaphysique.

Jane’s performance work includes Physical Theatre, TV and film.

She creates visual, physical theatre exploring contemporary issues and archetypal themes.

The interactive workshop process is based on collaboration, improvisation, research and play. The starting point being the individual’s own range of movement, play and emotion.







Jane's full CV can be forwarded on request.





Photo: Carl Savage

June 2008


The Glasshouse Theatre July 2005
Photo: Shaun Parrin


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